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$20.00 for each visit (approx. 20 to 35 minutes) "ALL" house pets are included in this charge - the only addition would be if more than 2 dogs are being walked.  (see below)

$2.00 for each additional dog after 2 (for visits with walks)

$1.00 per mile surcharge per visit if home is farther than 12 miles from the office

$25.00 per day for "OUR HOME STAY" - We take a maximum of 3 dogs at a time - no cats due to the fact we have 2 dogs - Your pets need to be friendly to children and to other dogs -Dogs need to be under 40 pounds - if you have questions about this - please call us - We do give a multiple discount for more than one dog for a family

$80.00 per overnight visit with dogs - this includes the late night visit and the morning visit - an afternoon visit is highly recommended when there are 2 overnight visits booked            

$50.00 per overnight visit with only cats in the house - this includes the late night visit and the morning visit.  Afternoon visits for cats are not required for overnight visits

$20 additional daily charge for visits made on Holidays -  Easter, Mother's Day, Memoial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve (after 3 PM), Christmas Day, New Year's Eve, New Year's Day

50% increase in rates for each extra 15 minutes requested

$12.00 - Trial 15 minute visit for any dog about which I have concerns. 


***GROCERY SHOPPING to stock your refrigerator before you arrive home -  25.00 per hour plus price of groceries (YOU LEAVE US THE GROCERY LIST)

***GENERAL HOUSESITTING (no pets) - 16.00 per visit - includes plant watering, security walk through, mail and newpaper pickup, temperature and general house check -   (1.00 per mile surcharge for over 12 miles).  

**VET, GROOMING PICKUP AND DELIVERY BACK TO YOUR HOME - when you are too busy or working and unable to make the appointment time - 20.00 BASE RATE plus 1.00 PER MILE (mileage to and from your home) 

**HOTEL STAYS AND VISITS - Staying with your pets at a hotel while you are on vacation - charge 20.00 per hour if more than one hour needed to stay with them in the hotel - minimum charge of 20.00 if you need a regular walk/bathroom break time with your pet while you are away from the hotel

***For all of the above - YOU choose the number of visits best suited for your pet and their needs